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For years, we have been tirelessly dedicated to uplifting the marginalized and nurturing talents that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our mission is not just about providing opportunities; it’s about transforming lives, one individual at a time.

Here’s the truth: this legacy, these success stories, are made possible by individuals like you—compassionate souls who believe in making a difference.

You’re not only writing our legacy; you’re writing theirs.

We’re Still Charting Our Future

We’re constantly working on new projects and initiatives to help those in need.
Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

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Mapping Out New Ventures

To impact change, one must respect the past and still serve the future. Scroll through our projects and see, we are committed to this standard.

Nations, towns, and people have their own rich and beautiful histories. We believe that these stories are worth preserving. Whether preserving the life of Jacob De Cordova or the voices of musicians around the world or providing the impoverished with power packs to access the internet, our purpose is clear: through respect for ourselves and the peoples we impact, to incite unity and save people from the grip of poverty and oppression.

To us, this is justice.

It’s worth fighting for, and we do so in small, actionable ways every day. This is not mere speculation; with our track record of fifteen years of success, we’ve built a history of our own. We’re proud of our past, but we’re even more excited about our future.

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Occupying Cyberspace

Using the internet as a haven for freedom, we empower the impoverished and displaced to earn a livelihood and reclaim their voice.

Taking inspiration from Jacob De Cordova’s pioneering work in mapping the expansive state of Texas, we embark on our own journey to chart the potential of cyberspace. Our mission is centered on constructing spaces where communities can gather and enhance their lives, with particular emphasis on supporting the marginalized youth, who often find themselves without access to vital resources and without a meaningful voice in our society.

Youth, regardless of their circumstances, inherently possess qualities of resourcefulness, creativity, and sharp perception. We are committed to providing them with a platform that allows them to display their talents, improve their life circumstances, and seize opportunities that were previously beyond their grasp.

Our vision for this digital space is one of empowerment. By giving the marginalized youth a voice, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable cyberspace. We recognize the potential in each individual and strive to offer them the tools they need to unleash their creativity and contribute to the broader digital community. As we continue to map the vast expanse of cyberspace, we are determined to make it a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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Reinventing Rule of Law

We affirm that the rule of law remains vital to protect the peace of cyberspace citizens as we write the Magna Carta of the digital age.

The absence of law means the absence of justice and peace. As we navigate the uncharted territory of a borderless digital world, it’s imperative that we continue to uphold the rule of law. This not only safeguards assets and citizens, but also those responsible for enforcing the law.

With this fundamental belief, our goal goes beyond building a community. We are dedicated to establishing a framework for digital enclaves, spaces where citizens are shielded from potential harm, both from one another and from those tasked with maintaining the law. Our approach to achieving this is comprehensive, encompassing the exploration of digital ownership, identity, and governance.

We’ve found our solution in the context of blockchain technology. This technology, for the first time in history, makes it possible to have indisputable ownership of digital assets, the creation of unique digital identities, and the establishment of a rule of law where both the rulers and the ruled are equally bound by the same laws.

We acknowledge that the misuse of blockchain technology, with promises of easy wealth, has left many disillusioned and hurt. If you have been affected, we extend our heartfelt apologies. It is crucial to understand: we do not utilize this technology for our gain or for your profit. Our mission is to empower those who are powerless, to amplify the voices of the unheard, and to bring to life a world where the rule of law isn’t just an aspiration, but a tangible reality.

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