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Our Purpose

With many unmet justice needs around the world, new skill sets will be needed to meet them. We will get you ready. The IBO Academy can and will assist you in creating good governance and shifting the culture in how we address injustice and lack of fairness.

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Our Partner Instant Mediations is hosting our courses on their website to help bridge youth and experts at the intersection of justice and the internet.


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Our Previous Courses

Justice For All

Instructors: Jeff Aresty and Larry Bridgesmith

“Justice For All” – We address why the world needs a Justice Layer of the Internet, how the legal systems of the world have failed us, explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and discuss what it means to follow a social justice agenda today. This program also sets the stage for all the other programs the IBO Academy has to offer and addresses the following four sections of the JusticeHub Innovation Lab: Legal Aid, Climate Justice, Criminal Justice, and Human Rights.

Who Governs Internet Law & Why Does it Matter?

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Dan Rainey

“Who Governs Internet Law & Why Does it Matter?” – We will look at the complicated issue of internet governance, answering: What is internet governance? Who governs internet law and who should? We will also introduce the notion of trusted online communities and the concepts of digital identity and global citizenship.

The Identity Layer of the Internet and Privacy

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Kristina Yasuda

“The Identity Layer of the Internet and Privacy” – In this class, we will introduce self-sovereign identity, what it is, and how it relates to blockchain technology innovation. We will also discuss how technology businesses stole privacy and the fight to get it back through international standards.

Controlling Online Content

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Linda Seely

“Controlling Online Content” – We will review and discuss why young people need to be at the table when we make decisions and laws about online content, how hate speech is addressed and how it should be, censorship, behavior on the internet, and privacy concerns.

Business Models for Fairness and Freedom

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Dan Rainey

“Business Models for Fairness and Freedom” – The phenomenal growth of digital media has sparked a craze for content. Who owns it? How do we protect it? In the first part of this course, we explore the western view of Intellectual Property followed by frameworks for fairtrade protection.


Role of Government in the New Economy

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Linda Seely

“Role of Government in the New Economy” – In this program, we discuss the government’s role in distributing identity, and the realization, recognition, and legitimization of e-commerce and taxation. We also address how the rule of government will affect the creation of the economy of tomorrow.

Contracts Today

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Larry Bridgesmith

“Contracts Today” – In this course, we address current best practices for creating contracts, and the future of contracts on the blockchain.

The Future of Virtual Currency

Instructor: Larry Bridgesmith and Dr. Adel Elmessiry

“The Future of Virtual Currency” – Learn the current state of virtual currency regulations, and how it functions as an innovation in payment and reputation building.

Creating a Revenue Model for Legal Aid

Instructor: Linda Seely and Ann Pruittt

“Creating a Revenue Model for Legal Aid” – In this program, we address the current state of legal aid, creating capacity, and innovative models for funding that save money and time. This course is for administrators, practitioners, and concerned individuals. We also address the impact this can have on the following populations: veterans, homeless, and Indigenous.

Achieving Climate Justice Through Cultural Change

Instructor: Jeff Aresty and Steve Wolfson

“Achieving Climate Justice Through Cultural Change” – In this course, we will discuss promoting green sustainability as well as social awareness through art, song, and entertainment and the impact it has had on the movement. We will also address the latest developments in environmental revolution and reform.

Achieving Criminal Justice Through Technology

Instructor: Jeff Aresty

“Achieving Criminal Justice Through Technology” – Our justice system has a problem. Rather than a force for good, for keeping the good people of society safe from the criminal element, it has been tainted. It has been used to oppress the powerless and to keep the powerful safe from retribution. It has been used to invade poor communities and tear their families and communities apart. In this program, we address the lack of legal defense for the masses and how a fair and equitable system can be achieved through open source technology.

Negotiation in Cyberspace

Instructor: Dan Rainey and Larry Bridgesmith

“Negotiation in Cyberspace” – Negotiation skills are often learned by doing and “hit or miss” at best. The added distance and asynchronous nature of negotiation over the Internet require even greater skills than face-to-face bargaining. This program provides web based experiential learning in the skills of negotiation on the Justice Layer of the Internet. Technology tools are introduced, explored and used to expand the capabilities of Internet negotiation.

Mediating Internet Disputes

Instructor: Linda Seely and Larry Bridgesmith

“Mediating Internet Disputes” – Mediation in civil and pre-litigation disputes has continued to increase in popularity and value to participants. Facilitating dispute resolution over the Internet calls upon technology proficiencies and mediation skills somewhat different than onsite mediation. This program will provide experiential learning in the exercise of Internet problem solving as an impartial third party.

Managing Bioethical Conflicts

Instructor: Larry Bridgesmith and Dr. Bruce White

“Managing Bioethical Conflicts” – Some of the most intransigent conflicts involve the choices to be made in clinical settings. Families are often called upon to make life and death decisions they never anticipated or prepared for. When a family member is incapacitated, the stakes are even higher. This program will address the foundational bioethics principles and how to manage them in our digital era.

Legal Project Management

Instructor: Larry Bridgesmith and Brian Pike

“Legal Project Management” – The mantra of “better, faster, cheaper” has come to characterize business in the global marketplace. In turn legal services are being transformed into a new business model based on efficiency, price predictability and transparency in a client centric legal marketplace. This program introduces the practices, principles and skills of legal project management (LPM) used by law firms and legal departments to predict and manage the execution of legal projects on time, on budget without compromising quality.

Implementing Emerging Technologies

Instructor: Jeff Aresty, Larry Bridgesmith and Dan Rainey.

“Implementing Emerging Technologies” – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybercurrency, Smart Contracts and many more tech phrases have arisen to provide challenges and opportunities for legal service providers. Legal ethics codes now require licensed attorneys to “stay abreast” of emerging technologies that impact client rights and remedies. This course will introduce how these technologies intersect with the justice system and how they can promote Justice at the Layer of the Internet.



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