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Recognizing the common stakeholders and objectives IBO and Global Futurist Initiative share, we will build upon and utilize the Bee1World® platform as a critical means of serving our primary constituents: youth and the natural world. This is to ultimately build a global movement to rebuild our culture for a livable and sustainable planet by engaging as many committed stakeholders as possible into a single youth-led trusted online community from around the world.

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Now that Legal Zoom is going public, more people than ever are going to get their law online; with or without lawyers and judges. Is that a good thing? What’s the future of justice?

By Justice SystemsNo Comments

My thoughts are that I think that Legal Zoom will win big. Their TV ads “make it official” are absolutely brilliant. They are saying that you can access the legal frameworks which make you “official” in the eyes of marketplace through Legal Zoom, online and inexpensive.

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