Selina Kuang

Selina Kuang is pursuing a Master’s degree in Crisis and Security Management at Leiden University, focusing on cybersecurity governance. Her interest in evidence-based policymaking and feminist policy research has led her to study and work across Europe and East Asia. Her involvement with SDG 18 Voices as a co-founding Outreach Coordinator/Brand Strategist reflects her commitment to youth engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Passionate about improving equality of opportunity through intercultural learning, she served on the board of a debating society and negotiated discounts for cultural events on behalf of a students’ union in Germany. As a member and mentee of the intersectional feminist network “Netzwerk F”, she is dedicated to building a knowledge hub for women and non-binary people in politics and public policy. Cultivating a global perspective on policy issues through her work experience at private, public, and non-profit organizations, she seeks to promote cross-border cooperation through mutual dialogue and create impact through allyship with youth engagement.