Jeffrey Aresty

Principal, Aresty International Law Offices, P.C.
Fellow, Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at UMass

Jeffrey M. Aresty, Esq. is a lawyer originally from Boston, Massachusetts and currently living in Houston, TX. He has been involved in international business law and the role of technology in the transformation of the practice of law for almost four decades.

Mr. Aresty is the founder and current President of, Inc. which leads the technology and rule of law project, PeaceTones, for the World Justice Forum. The initial focus of The PeaceTones Project is designed to create sustainable income opportunities for individuals from developing areas and conflict zones. Part of IBO and the JusticeHub Innovation Lab, The Invisibles project directly addresses a lack of access to opportunity, a major component of access to justice, caused by a lack of identification. Opportunities exist for stateless refugees and others to acquire education, receive healthcare, and receive protection under the law, but those opportunities can be accessed only by those with Identity. This barrier of lack of identity is the basic problem targeted by the Invisibles project.

Additionally, Mr. Aresty is a Fellow at the Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts. His involvement in the Center centers on promoting the use of online dispute resolution technology as an alternative to traditional methods. His ongoing law-technology activities concern (1) e-lawyering training, including ODR and (2) initiating global law reform in online communities.

Among Mr. Aresty’s accomplishments are initiating and directing the “ Computer College” program (1983-1987) that assisted lawyers in bringing computers into law practice and co-founding the ABA’s TECHShow in 1987. He co-edited three books on cross-cultural influence in international business and e-commerce for the ABA, titled “The ABA Guide to International Business Negotiations”. In his position as the Reporter of the ABA’s e-lawyering Task Force (, Mr. Aresty wrote several articles on the technical, legal and practical implications of the practice of law in Cyberspace.