Sherman Teichman

Sherman is the Founding Director Emeritus (1985-2016) of the Institute For Global Leadership at Tufts University. Directly after becoming Emeritus, he was named a Senior Fellow with the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School of Harvard University, a two-year term from July 2017 through August 2019. Sherman recently was appointed Professor of Practice of International Relations and Global Affairs at India’s newest University, Sai University in Chennai, reuniting with SaiU’s Vice Chancellor and the noted cognitive neuroscientist, Professor Jamshed Bharucha, formerly Tufts University’s Provost. Sherman is helping to develop their initial international relations curriculum, buttress their Alternative Dispute Resolution instruction, and advise the Chancellor on the creation of their interdisciplinary synaptic offerings.

Sherman is a Non-Resident Research Associate at the Centre for International Studies of Oxford University’s Department of Politics and International Relations. He serves as a Senior Fellow at the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, and the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights; Senior Strategic Advisor for the Human Rights Foundation, and Strategic Adviser for RefugePoint, and Music for Life International. Sherman also serves on the Advisory Boards of the VII Foundation and the Mind/Brain Center on War and Humanity; Internet Bar Organization, the Development Advisory Board of the Council for European Studies, and contributor, EuropeNow; Daughters for Life Foundation; The Academic Board of the American Friends of Combatants for Peace; Student Pugwash USA, International Student/Youth Pugwash, the International Peace Accelerator; Embodying Peace; Embodying Justice, Jewish Movement for Uyghur Freedom, Global Futurist Initiative, and Final Words. He is also a member of the New America Foundation’s “Upholding Democracy Project.”

In 2018, Sherman was appointed by the Albright Institute of Wellesley College as the inaugural Mentor for their Albright Fellows. He advises the directors and students of Harvard College’s International Relations Council.