Darrell Malone, Jr.

Darrell Malone, Jr. is the founder of Darrell K Malone Consulting with the goal of creating entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur himself, Darrell believes that the ability to recognize opportunities, maintain and nurture a personal brand, and create lasting business systems are vital skills for all people to have as we move further into the information age.

Darrell Malone is a cutting edge technologist, software engineer,and changemaker. Co-founder of crypto-currency distributor CoinValut ATM and legal tech innovator The Tubman Project, Darrell has always found himself breaking new ground. Darrell moved to Austin, TX in 2007 as an unknown with nothing to his name. In a few short years, he had become a prominent figure in the startup community by assisting in the development of multiple new software companies. Darrell is a blockchain software engineer who has worked primarily with financial technology. He is currently a lead developer of Factom and the Executive Director of the Tubman Project.