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Justice for You?

Fairness in commerce, law and social interaction seem to be less and less accessible . . . except to the most privileged. Tech For Justice exists to create a growing global reality of human fairness in our dealings with each other as well as the governments and businesses which serve us.


We are Tech for Justice & PeaceTones

We are Tech for Justice - PeaceTones enables musicians to develop and disseminate their art by bringing crucial legal, technology, and business skills to historically unheard musicians, empowering them as leaders and shapers of positive social change. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography


Join the movement

Join the movement - Be part of the mission to build global justice and equality through local culture, one musician at a time. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography

Who we are Institute (IBO) is a multidisciplinary organization committed to building trust in a world that is currently in a trust deficit. IBO brings together people and institutions on the Internet in trusted online communities to develop the normative behavior which will govern main relationships that affect the well-being of people and society across the globe. To achieve justice for all, we need to solve the issue of laws being in conflict with societal norms, and bring a harmonized rule of law to the world, online and offline. We stand ready to leverage all we know and all we do, in collaboration with our international network of justice and technology pioneers, toward this impossible possibility.

Our Vision

Justice for all through leveraging technology and global community collaboration.

Theory of Change

The Justice Layer will become reality through education, prevention, access to tools, and empowerment of the individual in the justice system through arts and culture.

Our Mission

To build the Justice Layer of the Internet as a community of equals.

Our Initiatives


PeaceTones®, an initiative of Institute, is an education and empowerment initiative that emphasizes the exploration of artist rights, music distribution, and being heard in a digital age.


5 billion people have unmet justice needs around the world – the existing legal marketplace cannot be fixed to serve them; a layer of justice is being built online to meet these needs; its foundations will be ethical, technological, and global.


The mission of the JusticeHub Innovation Lab, an initiative of Institute, is to support the access to justice for all mission, which has been established by justice communities world wide. Nearly all legal tech innovation has been focused on the ability for lawyers and corporate legal departments to deliver legal services to their clients more effectively, and failed to address access to justice shortcomings among communities who need it the most.

Tech For Justice®

Tech For Justice® is an initiative to accelerate the development of technology applications and processes that improve access to justice in human rights, legal aid, and the environment. We aim to support those who need critical help more efficiently, and change processes that no longer serve the people.


Changing processes that no longer serve the people!

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