Current Initiatives


Tech for Justice® is a concept developed by the Internet Bar Organization that emphasizes the importance and necessity of using technology to address our most pressing concerns related to access to justice. Tech For Justice legal hackathons and technology projects gather representatives from law, technology, design and public and private sectors to develop solutions and carry them forward.



PeaceTones® provides access to technology, legal education, and online sales platforms to musicians in developing regions to forge new ecomonic models of empowerment worldwide.  Peacetones works with musicians as they can be powerful agents of change within their communities.  Peacetones trains artists in legal, marketing, and community development tools, aids in album production, and sends 90% of net profits back to artists for personal and community development projects.



The Center for Innovative Justice and Technology provides courses, news and conversation on the latest developments in justice and technology, including the innovation of law, the emergence of online dispute resolution, and the technologies currently transforming these fields.


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