Current Initiatives


The Center for Innovative Justice and Technology is an IBO initiative. The Center provides cutting-edge courses, news and conversations on the latest developments in the legal and dispute resolution fields and the technologies currently transforming these fields.


Tech for Justice is a concept developed by the Internet Bar Organization that emphasizes the importance and necessity of using technology to address our most pressing concerns related to access to justice.  Tech for Justice legal hackathons gather representatives from law, technology, design and public and private sector professionals to brainstorm solutions.


peacetones with white

PeaceTones’ mission is to foster rule of law from the ground up and create sustainable incomes for musicians living in communities torn apart by war, protracted conflict and natural disaster. We believe that by giving musicians with positive social messages the tools to protect their music and earn an income from it, we’re empowering communities to create and sustain their own economies, based on arts that are powerful, inspiring and valuable.


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