Call to Action – Rohingyas

Legal Hacking a Humanitarian Crisis

Members of Institute (IBO) can assume a personal role in reaching out to and providing assistance to a displaced population of Rohingya refugees driven from their homes in Myanmar/Burma and now detained in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh in the hundreds of thousands. It is estimated that at least 700,000 Rohingyas are in a single refugee camp on the side of a mountain, with a river below. Monsoon season is approaching. Flooding and disease are probable results, and thousands of lives are in peril.

Watch the music video Is the Lady Listening?

It was a great privilege to collaborate with musicians in the Rohingya Refugee Camp. They will not be silent in the face of genocide, and neither should you.#TheWorldUnitedinSong Musicians from around the world promoting human rights and social justice.Special thanks to the Rohingya and Bangladeshi communities in Cox's Bizar for their support. Written by Sayedul Islam, Rahamatullah, and David Levy. Translated by Muhammad MX Cox. Bass: Etson Caminha. Backing vocals: Abhisek, Ifti Chowdhury and Kelsey Shaw. Videographer: Noyon. Video editing by Malkriado Cinema: Thomas Henning, Mariano Goncalves, Jonas Rusumalay Diaz II, and Allone Madeira J. Additional editing by Eric Carden. A PeaceTones production.

Posted by David Levy on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The humanitarian, non-profit and faith communities are responding.

It is now time for us to help.

If you become a member of the IBO, you can join the Rohingya Project to help create digital identities by developing standards for verifiable claims, which will lead to the Rohingya population being able to access a digital wallet for their identity, credentials, and cyber-currency. Although most of these stateless citizens are agrarian laborers, among them are lawyers, physicians, professors and many teachers who have been denied an identity and the credentials needed to provide services with a high degree of economic value. Simultaneously, you can be at the forefront of building smart contracts for fair trade music which will be used throughout the developing world to monetize fair-sharing arrangements for intellectual property.

As a member of the IBO initiative dedicated to this specific humanitarian relief project, you can help. For only $5 a month, for as long as you choose to participate, you will be provided with the technology tools and training needed to provide immediate help to the Rohingyas.

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Even in Cox’s Bazar where the Rohingyas are detained in Bangladesh, there are enough internet-connected smartphones to provide a lifeline of self-sovereign identity and economic value through technology.

Please join today at Internet Bar Organization Membership

How It Works

For Penpal members

Role as a PenPal
As a PenPal, you will work closely with a partner refugee to establish his/her identification, the process will include finding/creating ID Elements, storing/using ID Elements and helping a refugee to use a new ID to get access to justice and get a job, education, healthcare, etc.

Becoming a PenPal
IBO will offer a modular training and after completing a module you will be able to proceed another step forward in ID creation.  After a training, you will be able to effectively work online with Invisibles to identify, locate, and/or create ID elements, and to facilitate placement of ID elements into a blockchain with access controlled by the newly visible individuals.

For credential verified co-operating attorney members

Establishing a decentralized digital identity framework is the highest level of digital identification documentation verification. As a co-operating attorney you will review and verify identity data and documentation submitted to the system for points which will earn them ID system expertise. The expertise levels and areas will make you eligible to participate as verified users of the Hypercontract ecosystem. This will give you access to form agreements, smart legal contracting technology as well as corporate and individual clients utilizing the ecosystem.

Once you achieve an adequate level of expertise by using the ecosystem to provide contracting support services, including inputting verified identity data into the system (via online automated forms) you will receive virtual currency in exchange.

IBO will be providing training on:

1. What is a digital identity and why is it important

2. What types of documents are needed to establish a digital identity

3. How to replicate or find these documents

4. How to receive virtual currency donated by global citizens

5. How to access and use the documents and currency

6. How to store the documents and currency for later use

We can hack this problem.

Let’s do it together. Join the IBO as a STUDENT/Special Project member and pay only $5 a month as long as you wish to be a digital pen pal to the Rohingya population.

Twitter: #RohingyaID