Professional Membership Monthly

$15.00 / month

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For those who work in law enforcement, legal counseling, governmental institutions, policy making and other relevant legal services.

Membership benefits

  • Participation in the IBO Academy, specialised in advocacy training sessions on tech and justice – click here to learn more.
  • Producing, co-authoring and publishing papers within the IBO network on topics such as: technology, cyber-security law, human rights, climate justice, global governance, sustainable development, social-impact, youth engagement etc.
    Joining as an expert adviser one of our ongoing justice projects – please find the list here.
  • Access to the resources database of IBO containing webinars from renowned professors and figures, relevant papers and articles, projects’ outcomes etc.
  • Give online lectures and webinars to the IBO members and partners on a variety of topics.
  • Become a mentor for our youth changemakers community from all over the world, providing your specialised knowledge, expertise and guidance to our early professionals.
  • Reverse mentoring: onboard for an innovative digital tools knowledge exchange and swift in a Millennial/Gen Z perspective for, but not limited to, digital marketing and social media expansion, digital markets and digital currency.