Our Initiatives


PeaceTones®, an initiative of Internetbar.org Institute, is an education and empowerment initiative that emphasizes the exploration of artist rights, music distribution, and being heard in a digital age.


5 billion people have unmet justice needs around the world – the existing legal marketplace cannot be fixed to serve them; a layer of justice is being built online to meet these needs; its foundations will be ethical, technological, and global. New skill sets will be needed to serve this marketplace.


The mission of the JusticeHub Innovation Lab, an initiative of Internetbar.org Institute, is to support the access to justice for all mission, which has been established by justice communities world wide.

Tech For Justice®

Tech For Justice® is an initiative to accelerate the development of technology applications and processes that improve access to justice in human rights, legal aid, and the environment. We aim to support those who need critical help more efficiently, and change processes that no longer serve the people.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together