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Let’s build a more just, equitable, and sustainable ecosystem together.

Together, we are bringing people and institutions together that affect the well-being of people and society across the globe. We are building a new justice ecosystem for cyberspace, a layer of justice on the internet. It will be shaped as a trusted marketplace built on a platform for digital media markets and be used immediately for disenfranchised youth populations.

Discover different membership models here.


For PhD students, teaching assistants and professors with a background in law, human rights, climate justice, humanities, technology, social impact, or other related fields.

$100/year or $10/month

Legal Practitioners

For those who work in law enforcement, legal counseling, governmental institutions, policy making and other relevant legal services.

$150/year or $15/month


For those actively working toward a high school diploma, degree, professional schooling, or other educational credential.


Early Professionals

For graduates of any post-secondary education entering the workforce or who have less than 7 years’ experience.

$50/year or $5/month


For anyone retired from full-time professional employment or have attained emeritus status.

$120/year or $10/month


For corporate workers or employees coming from start-ups or scale-ups.

$150/year or $15/month

Give the Gift of IBO Membership

Acknowledge and support a friend or loved one’s commitment to justice and equity by giving the gift of IBO membership. Help them make a difference by providing access to the considerable resources that are included with membership including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Free access to a trusted online marketplace
  • Engagement with youth changemakers
  • Webinars and IBO Academy
  • Career resources and consulting
  • Unlimited networking opportunities both virtually and in-person
  • Discounted special event registrations
  • Meeting content

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