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Business Development in the Constant Communication World – BUS301

Business Development in the Constant Communication World
Course Overview – 80 Minutes – $79
Many law firms are seeking to expand their level of sophistication in the realm of marketing, while still following the guidelines of professional business etiquette and bar rules.

Constant Communication is a new paradigm wrought by the rapid development of our technology tools juxtaposed against the slower growth in our ability to manage these tools effectively. In the new paradigm information overload besets nearly everyone. While the tools themselves often seem to be the cause of overload, when we look more closely we learn that it is the way we use the tools that actually causes overload, stress and burnout.

In this course we begin by looking at the impact of constant communication on lawyers in their practices. We focus upon the converging factors of more demands and less time to illustrate how it feels to be at the mercy of incredible technological advances when our coping skills simply havenít caught up. We then expand our understanding broadly to see that this is impacting everyone, including our peers and clients. We then move into a discussion about how to erect personal barriers to better cope with the twin factors of increasing demands and less time.

In the second part of the course we examine how to communicate with others, specifically how to market, in the new paradigm. We begin by addressing the key factors of the new paradigm and how people are responding to them. Within each we discuss how to effectively pierce through the barriers people have erected to protect themselves from being inundated by information. As we discuss how to do this, we teach lawyers how to accomplish it without simply increasing the information burdens on othersóespecially others with whom lawyers want to create long-term relationships.

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