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Breaking the Billable Hour Habit – BUS101

Breaking the Billable Hour Habit
Course Overview – 100 Minutes – $79
The wide availability of legal information and the rise of websites (as well as books, tapes, CDs, etc.) that provide legal information from non-lawyers continues to undermine the business of practicing law.

One important development affecting law firms is the so-called commoditization of certain types of legal information. This is a form of unbundling taken to the extreme. The goal of this seminar is to teach lawyers to participate in this economy and to do so within the bounds of ethics and good business practices.

Regardless of how many non-lawyers sell legal information, especially online, the fact is that lawyers and law firms remain the best and most trusted source for this information. As lawyers become more skilled at providing information to clients and prospective clients in the same basic ways it is being provided by non-lawyers, they can recapture some of the lost business brought about by such competitors.

In this seminar you will learn how to ethically, safely and profitably provide various types of legal information that can generate revenues and build new relationships.

Course Highlights
Limitations on the billable hour dependent lawyer
The hidden assets every lawyer can leverage now
Six Ways to Break the Billable Hour Habit
Training and education
Publishing blogs and podcasts
Partnering with websites
Providing adjunct services
Offering legal commodities
Multidisciplinary practice
Focused billable hour income
Passive income
You have 3 days to complete the program from the date/time you enroll

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