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The InternetBar.org Institute is established as a supporting foundation to the Internet Bar Organization. As a supporting foundation, it seeks to provide education, training, and research on law in the age of new technologies and virtual relationships. The Institute is dedicated to shaping the future of online justice and collaboration through its programs, publications and research, and through establishing trusted online communities of practice.

Through our Center for Innovative Justice and Technology, the Institute’s content portal, we bring you a wealth of information, podcasts, articles, webcasts, blogs and more.¬† Get involved with the transformation of the profession and the continuously changing global business environment. IBOi is a trusted online community for lawyers and other professionals interested in the role law will take in the age of the Internet. We encourage you to make comments and recommendations in our suggestion box about which digital tools you most need to extend your reach and expand your world, your network and your knowledge.

IBOi is a supporting organization to InternetBar.org, a membership organization dedicated to shaping the future of online justice and collaboration.

Library/Resource Center

The Library/Resource Center will be IBOi’s comprehensive online information repository. Featuring current news, reference material and interactive forums.

Featured Areas

Training/Education Center

The Training/Education Center will feature IBOi’s online courseware offerings. Consisting of primary departments or “schools”, and offering both free and premium content, our courseware will¬† provide opportunity for personal and professional growth and development.


  • Digital Lawyer – Business
  • Digital Lawyer – E-Lawyering
  • Digital Lawyer – Emerging Practice Areas
  • Online Dispute Resolution (ODR/ADR)
  • Resolutionary Thinking

Research/Community Center

The Research/Community Center will provide IBOi’s visitors the opportunity to interact with each other, our staff and faculty in an online community. It is our sincerest wish that this community will foster and further the growth of all its members and the burgeoning world of online justice.