Together, we are elevating youth to transform our global timeline through trusted online community.


We are building a global movement to rebuild our culture for a livable and sustainable planet by engaging as many committed stakeholders as possible into a single youth-led trusted online community from around the world through the borderless capacity of the internet.


Global Futurist Initiative works to equip and elevate youth to systematically generate new possibilities for transforming our global timeline.

PeaceTones® enables musicians to develop and disseminate their art by bringing crucial legal, technology, and business skills to historically unheard musicians, empowering them as leaders and shapers of positive social change.

Bee1World is an online museum exhibiting works of art, photography and music from young people who are showcasing their cultures and portfolios from Zambia, Jordan, Syria, Senegal and Texas.

The Invisibles Project focused on building standards and governance framework for creation, verification, and use of digital identities for disenfranchised populations