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2021 DRG Virtual Conference

The Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance conference brings together USAID field staff and the partner community, USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG Center) Washington, D.C.-based staff, and U.S. government interagency representatives for collaborative presentations, interactive discussions, and vigorous debates. The conference includes breakout sessions designed, led, and attended by USAID staff in the field Missions and Washington D.C, and included USAID partners. The final day consists of regionally-based meetings co-led with DRG staff in USAID’s Regional Bureaus. The topics covered throughout the conference includes the relationship between DRG and the Journey to Self-Reliance, transition metrics, DRG global trends, recent DRG research findings, social behavior change, and integrating DRG into other USAID technical areas.   


Jun 21 2021 - Jul 01 2021


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