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World Peace Forum VI 3 Insights and Takeaways

Jeffrey Aresty & Larry Bridgesmith

Digital Identity for Refugees and Disenfranchised Populations 20 The ‘Invisibles’ and Standards for Sovereign Identity

Daniel Rainey, Scott Cooper, Donald Rawlins, Kristina Yasuda, Tey Al-Rjula & Manreet Nijjar

Managing Procedural Expectations in Small Claims ODR 53

Fabien Gélinas

Mobile Online Dispute Resolution Tools’ Potential Applications for Government Offices 65

Stephanie Gustin & Norman Dolan

e-Court – Dutch Alternative Online Resolution of Debt Collection Claims 94A

Violation of the Law or Blessing in Disguise

Willemien Netjes & Arno R. Lodder

The Pull of Unbiased AI Mediators 114

Chris Draper