Connect like minded youths from around the planet with each other to work and get paid


Encourage the youth to use their imagination & input for creating a better recycling system

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Build a world where everyone can get paid fairly

Come to the Grand Opening of our Museum exhibiting works of art, photography and music from young people who are showcasing their cultures and portfolios from Zambia, Jordan, Syria, Senegal and Texas! Join the community of our young artists to help strengthen their voices. Find out more about our growing community and the ways you can participate at the our Summit.

Empowering Communities with access to an open world

“We love to target the young because we know that when we start with the youth, the aim is easily met. Zambia is a very beautiful country which requires our help in terms of raising awareness on sanitation and recycling”

Kelsey Rae Shaw, Vocal Trash Vocalist
Zambia Daily Mail